Babyliss PC comb set (guides) BAB811C, FX811C, FXFB811C

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SKU: BABY-341945

Introducing the Babyliss PC Comb Set BAB811C, FX811C, FXFB811C:

Elevate your grooming capabilities with the Babyliss PC Comb Set. This comprehensive set includes nine guide plastic combs in a sophisticated burgundy color, designed to provide versatility and precision in your grooming routines.

    Enhance your grooming experience with the Babyliss PC Comb Set BAB811C, FX811C, FXFB811C, where precision meets style for professional-grade results.

    Key Features
    • Set of 9 Guide Plastic Combs: The Babyliss PC Comb Set comes complete with nine guide combs, offering a wide range of cutting lengths to accommodate various styling preferences and hair types.
    • Burgundy Color: Featuring a rich burgundy color, these combs add a touch of elegance to your grooming tools, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your grooming kit.
    Kit Includes
    • Set of 9 Guide Plastic Combs