Babyliss Pro Metal comb duo includes a 7-1/2" cutting comb and a 9" clipper comb. Rose gold.

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SKU BABY-415196

Introducing the BabylissPro RoseFX Metal Comb Duo:

Enhance your grooming toolkit with the BabylissPro RoseFX Metal Comb Duo, meticulously crafted to complement your ROSEFX™ Clipper and Trimmer. This set of ultra-thin combs combines functionality with elegance, offering precision styling and seamless performance.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Construction: Crafted from ultra-thin, high-quality stainless steel, these combs ensure durability, flexibility, and precision styling for professional-grade results.

  • Electroplated Gold & Rose Gold Finish: Featuring an electroplated gold and rose gold finish, these combs exude elegance and sophistication, perfectly matching your BabylissPro ROSEFX™ Clipper and Trimmer.

  • Snag-Free Comb Teeth: The combs are designed with seamless teeth to prevent snagging, allowing for smooth and effortless combing through all hair types without causing damage or discomfort.

  • Heat and Chemical Resistant: Built to withstand heat and chemical exposure, these combs offer exceptional resilience, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding salon environments.

  • Versatile Duo Includes:

    • 7 ½" Cutting Comb: Features two teeth styles for versatile styling, making it ideal for various cutting techniques and hair textures.
    • 9" Clipper Comb: Perfect for blending clipper and scissors over-comb techniques, providing precise control and seamless transitions for flawless results.
  • Convenient Peghole Design: Each comb is equipped with an easy-to-hang peghole, allowing for convenient storage and accessibility in your grooming space.

Upgrade your grooming experience with the BabylissPro RoseFX Metal Comb Duo, where style meets functionality for exceptional results every time.

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