Babyliss Pro "ProLube" clipper and trimmer maintenance kit. Lubricating oil and cleaning brush.

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Introducing the Babyliss Pro "ProLube" Clipper and Trimmer Maintenance Kit:

Keep your clippers and trimmers in optimal condition with the Babyliss Pro "ProLube" Clipper and Trimmer Maintenance Kit. This 2-in-1 maintenance kit is designed to ensure optimum cutting performance, providing everything you need to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your grooming tools.

Key Features:

  • Lubricating Oil:

    • Maximum Glide and Efficiency: The lubricating oil keeps blades lubricated, ensuring maximum glide and efficiency during grooming sessions.
    • Prevents Dulling or Rusting: By preventing dulling or rusting of the blades, this oil helps maintain sharpness and prolongs the life of your clipper or trimmer.
    • Reduces Friction, Heat, and Blade Wear: Formulated with mineral oil, this lubricating oil reduces friction, heat, and blade wear, ensuring smooth and consistent cutting performance.
    • Formulated with Mineral Oil: The oil is formulated with mineral oil, known for its lubricating properties and ability to protect metal surfaces.
    • Convenient Size: The kit includes a 14 ml (0.5 fl. oz) tube of lubricating oil, providing ample supply for regular maintenance.
  • Cleaning Brush with Sponge:

    • Efficient Hair and Debris Removal: The nylon bristle brush efficiently removes hair and debris from the blades, ensuring they remain clean and well-functioning.
    • Neat and Easy Application: The foam sponge makes the application of oil neat and easy, allowing for precise lubrication of the blades.
    • Protective Cover for Sponge: A protective cover maintains the moisture of the sponge, ensuring it remains effective for multiple applications and prolonging its lifespan.

Keep your grooming tools in top condition with the Babyliss Pro "ProLube" Clipper and Trimmer Maintenance Kit, where efficiency meets longevity for professional-grade grooming results.

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