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Bolin Webb Traveler's Luxury Wash Bag

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Bolin Webb has made an impact on the world of luxury grooming products with their award-winning razors. Compact and sleek, their items produce a powerful shave to ensure a luxurious experience that is parallel to their Swiss origins. This Bolin Webb Traveler's Luxury Wash Bag is no exception as a collaboration with Bill Amberg, London's most esteemed leather designer. 

Crafted with high quality leather and modern technical fabrics to create a bag that merges function with refined sophistication. Waterproof from top to bottom, essential grooming items will be protected from the elements and the bumps you experience on the road. Embedded with nylon fabric, the bag is robust and made with neoprene to protect the bag from internal humidity. Conceived with the modern traveler in mind, this Luxury Wash Bag is an indispensable travel item on the go.