Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil - 9 Grams / .33 Ounces

by Clubman
$9.99 CAD
SKU CLUB-081251

The Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil is made for those cuts and nicks you experience on a daily shave. The product helps lock in human skin and stops infectious germs from entering the skin's surface to prevent harmful diseases. For maximum effect, use on a cut right away to stop bleeding. 

The Clubman Pinaud has been around since 1810 and has been a coveted brand among professionals everywhere. Gentlemen appreciate their use of nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil and beeswax so they know they are using the best for their skin. Soothing and sophisticated, it is a brand that provides a luxurious experience. Sleek and stylish in embodiment.