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D.R. Harris Arlington Shaving Stick (40g/1.4oz)

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The D.R. Harris Arlington Shaving Stick is a compact product that fits in travel bags so that you can experience moments of luxury on the go. Embedded with scents of fern and citrus, it's a musky fragrance that will leave you feeling refreshed. Infused with large amounts of glycerin, it provides a moisturizing and soothing layer to protect skin against razorblades' harsh motions.

D.R. Harris was founded in 1790 in the St. James region of London as an apothecary. In possession of the Royal Warrant, their chemists serve Her Majesty the Queen. Skincare products, shaving creams, soaps, and luxurious line, they are simply supreme products for elegant individuals. 

(40g/1.4oz). Made in the United Kingdom.