Dovo Childrens Scissors, 4"

by Dovo
$35.00 CAD
SKU DV-700401

"Knives, forks, scissors, and fire are not for small children" - right? Not quite, children also have to learn how to use scissors safely. That's why we rounded the scissor tip to reduce the risk of accidents during lessons or while crafting. However, the cutting edge is accurately and sharply ground.


This model is made of carbon steel C45. This material, also known as scissor steel, impresses with its hardness and excellent cutting properties. We have expertly honed the blades with precision and complete accuracy. The nickel plating ensures the beautiful high-gloss look.


DOVO scissors are finished and honed by hand. One of the challenges in the production of high-quality scissors is the precise dressing of the scissor blades. In order to guarantee maximum precision, our expert grinders hand grind every pair of scissors at the cutting edge and tip.


Children can use it safely as it has a rounded tip.

Brand information

Founded in Solingen, Germany, in 1904, Dovo is recognized for its high-quality shaving products for well over a century, using precision engineering and expert craftsmanship.