Dovo Stainless Satin Finished Hair Scissor, with Fingerrest, 5"

by Dovo
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$79.99 CAD
SKU DV-16506

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Like a gnarled oak, toenails tend to become tougher and more resistant to heavy pruning as they age. The solution: Dovo’s satin finished stainless nail nippers. These well-built nippers are spa-quality, employing a hardened high carbon stainless steel that does several things: it takes and keeps a keen edge, can be sanitized and sterilized, and will even hold up in the humid environment of a home bathroom. The handles are long enough to provide enough leverage to get through even the toughest nail, and are satin finished for smooth, modern feel in the hand. Each blade is hand-finished for precise cutting right from the factory, and the tips are fine enough for you to trim right to the edge of the nail.