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Elvado Classic Fragrance Free After Shave Balm (100ml/3.4oz)

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The Elvado Classic Fragrance Free After Shave Balm is an odorless option for those who live a minimalist lifestyle. Designed for those with sensitive skin and noses, it is a post shave solution made with natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and Safflower Oil to moisturize dry and rough skin. Infused with Aloe Vera to reduce redness and Tea Tree Oil as an antiseptic ingredient, it is made for those who require a little more attention after shaving. 

Elvado products are formulated with organic and natural botanical ingredients. Made to be bio-based skincare product that are body-safe and good for animals, they only create products that are good for the skin. Inspired by the eponymous town in New Mexico, they are made for those intoxicating ingredients. 

(100ml/3.4oz). Made in Canada.