Floid After Shave Balm - 125ml / 4.2oz Tube

by Floid
$49.99 CAD
SKU FL-512

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Floid's After Shave Balm bears the suave, vintage charm that all gentlemen crave, and it's this desire that makes it an excellent addition to all counter.  
By carrying invigorating skin properties such as tea tree oil, green tea extract, and wheat germ, the After Shave Balm leaves results that compliments and helps skin look and feel healthier with every use.   
Because Floid products have been wowing gentlemen across the globe since 1932, their products are a European treasure, yet somehow a rarity in North America. Make your business stand apart, and join us in providing this unique line of incredible products.   
(125ml / 4.2oz)  
An exquisite import from Barcelona, Spain.