Floid After Shave Splash 'Black' (150ml/5oz)

by Floid
$29.99 CAD
SKU FL-1094

Floid is responsible for making generations of men look and feel their best. Since 1932, the Spanish manufacturer of aftershaves has managed to establish it's products as a crucial ingredient to luxury shaving routines across the world. 

This bottle of Black After Shave Splash possesses a classic, masculine barbershop scent that adequately complements its nostalgic packaging.

It's also designed to calm skin tones for the best possible feeling during each shave, ideal for shavers with sensitive skin. 

Since this product is somewhat of a rarity on North American soil, this individual line makes an excellent addition to the business and bathroom counter alike.  

(150ml / 5oz.)     

An exceptional import from Barcelona, Spain.