Jack Dean Retail Counter Top Stand (Pre-Loaded)

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So you see the wisdom in selling Jack Dean products to your customers? Cool. Very good idea.

Know what's an even better idea? Using this counter top stand crafted exclusively by Jack dean to bring out the best of the brand's packaging as well as tell some of the brand's story.

Jack Dean Counter Top Unit includes: two bottles of Jack Dean shampoo, two bottles of hair tonic, two body rum tonics and nine shaving tubs.

Manufactured and imported from United Kingdom.

Bundle Contents

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Product Name
  • JD-SP100

    Jack Dean Styling Paste - 3.5 Ounce / 100 Gram Jar

    $19.50 CAD

    Out of stock

  • JD-AB100

    Jack Dean Aftershave Balm - 3.5oz / 100 Gram Jar

    $13.00 CAD

    Out of stock

  • JD-TS250

    Jack Dean Eucalyptus Thickening Shampoo (8.4oz)

    $12.50 CAD

    Out of stock

  • JD-CS250

    Jack Dean Macadamia Conditioning Shampoo (8.4oz)

    $15.50 CAD

    Out of stock

  • JD-PORT250

    Jack Dean Eau De Portugal Hair Tonic (8.4oz)

    $13.75 CAD

    Out of stock

  • JD-QUIN250

    Jack Dean Eau De Quinine Hair Tonic (8.4oz)

    $24.00 CAD

  • JD-FP100

    Jack Dean Finishing Pomade - Coconut Scented (3.5oz)

    $17.50 CAD

    Out of stock

  • JD-BRW250

    Jack Dean American Bay Rum Bodywash (8.4oz)

    $13.50 CAD

    Out of stock