Menaji Skincare Adult Acne Kit, Medium

by Menaji
$121.99 CAD
SKU MJ-002386

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The Menaji Skincare Adult Acne Kit improves the condition of skin and helps conceal imperfections that your clients may experience on a daily basis. Includes Face and Body Scrubs to remove dead skin, dirt, and oil that clog pores so that clients receive a thorough cleanse. Comprised of a Deep Cleansing Masque, the kit ensures that the product penetrates deep into pores to draw out impurities.

To combat shine, use the HDPV Anti-Shine, which contains Vitamin E and C to heal damaged skin and to counter oil production in skin. Camouflage Undetectable CAMO Concealer hides spots and acne while skin repairs. Perfection is only a moment away.