Menaji Skincare Adult Anti-Acne Kit - (Light)

by Menaji
$121.99 CAD
SKU MJ-002379

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The Menaji Skincare Adult Anti-Acne Kit consists of a combination of products that cleanses and exfoliates dead skin to cultivate your complexion. Designed for light skin tones, the kit's Undetectable CAMO Concealer curbs oil production and hides acne to help showcase your natural characteristics. Includes the best-selling HDPV Anti-Shine to provide a matte look and to reduce greasy skin. 

Your body is not an afterthought with the Face and Body Scrubs. They cleanse and exfoliate to alleviate dead skin so that you can achieve a proper glow. Includes a Deep Cleansing Masque to penetrate deep into pores to clean skin throughout.