Menaji Skincare CAMO Concealer - (Bronze)

by Menaji
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SKU MJ-002102

The Menaji Skincare CAMO Concealer is the ideal product for spot coverage and the early signs of aging in men. For those with sensitive skin who experience redness, dark circles under eyes, and ingrown hairs. Made to fit various shades of skin tones, it is formulated to withstand the higher oil production of men's skin. Formulated to be hypoallergenic and fragrance free, sensitive skin will find this concealer soothing. Designed in a bronze shade for those with sunkissed skin. 

Menaji is a skincare brand built for men's specific needs. Men are known for their overproduction of oils in their skin, so this concealer is ideal in size to be brought around for a quick touch up. Designed in lip balm size for portability.