Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Red/White Acrylic Handle

$44.99 CAD
SKU VL-14080

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Vie-Long's world-renowned brushes represent the pinnacle of luxury wet shaving.
Another one of Vie-Long's classic shaving brushes, this model features a red and white ceramic handle and is crowned with 100% pure horsehair.

The bristles are made from authentic horse mane and tail hairs, firmly rooted in an acrylic handle ruby red and pearl white finished handle.
Because Vie-Long's products possess over 75 years of brush manufacturing experience, this beautiful brush is guaranteed to impress novice and expert wet shaver alike.
Direction for Use:
Work with small pressure circular movements over the soap or shaving cream until you get a rich, thick later. Spread the foam over with a message using the shaving brush and proceed to shave.

Manufactured and imported from Valencia, Spain. Dimensions: Height-95mm, Loft-55mm, Knot-20mm.