Vie-Long Shaving Brush, Brown Horse Hair Acrylic & Metal, Ivory & Silver.

$62.99 CAD
SKU VL-14030

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The Spanish brush masters have a masterpiece, indeed, in their hands with the Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Faux Ivory, and Chrome Handle. Sleek, absorbent natural brown horse hair is packed tightly into this elegant creamy white acrylic handle, the base banded in gleaming chrome for a refined presentation. Handcrafted in Valencia, Spain from premium horsehair gathered during the daily grooming process. With a great backbone and superior lathering ability, this brush is a welcome addition to any gentleman’s collection.

1940 is the first year the family concern Vie-Long began designing and creating beautiful shaving brushes. Known for its variety of hair choices, Vie-Long offers boar, badger, and horsehair brush options to wet shavers, all handmade. Gathered into graceful handles of acrylic, metal, natural horn, and precious woods, these are brushes of distinction. 

Knot diameter: 21 mm
Bristle Loft: 52 mm
Handle height: 51 mm
Overall height: 103 mm
Made in Valencia, Spain