Vielong American Professional Shaving Brush with White Horsehair (24 mm)

$47.99 CAD
SKU VL-B0370524

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In 1940, Juan Bautista Julian began creating his masterpieces out of a small workshop in Valencia, Spain. His passion for classic shaving could be seen in his skill and precision in crafting exceptional shaving brushes from all kinds of material. This is the new, larger-diameter version of a perennial staff favorite.

Vie-Long’s “American Style” White Horse Hair shaving brush is a unique combination of natural firm hair and soft tips. This white horse hair is unbleached and combines the soft hair of the mane with the firm strands of the tail for the perfect grooming requisite. (White hair is known to be softer than brown). Lather up with ease and enjoy a pleasant shave. All hair is acquired during normal grooming so animals are not hurt in producing these brushes.

This wooden handle is tall and slim making it excellent for mug lathers but it works great in all applications. The fine grained wood is topped with an ebony collar. Wipe and dry after use to keep it looking like new.



  • Traditional shaving brush
  • White horsehair
  • Tall, Wooden handle

    Knot diameter: 24 mm

    Made in Spain