Schick was founded in 1926 by Jacob Schick as the Magazine Repeating Razor Company. That same year, Schick introduced its highly successful single blade safety razor system, that stored twenty blades in a steel injector. Schick sold the company in 1928 to start another unrelated company bearing his name which marketed his newly invented electric shavers.

Today, this long-standing brand is beginning to establish itself as a favorite in barbershops as barbers are recognizing Schick's appeal as a commercial tool that can help their shops operate more efficiently.

When stocking up on Schick for their shops, barbers are also adding the following items more than others in our catalog: Campbells Liquid Lather Shave Cream, Osma Alum Blocks, Denman Be-Bop Massage Brush, Bluebeards Original Beard Saver and the Gamma PIU Barber’s Hairdryer.

An added bonus to Schick is that it is a very strong consumer brand and many barbershops are taking to selling its products at their retail counters. If you’d like to receive complimentary merchandising and marketing tips, our sales team will be happy to help. Just ask.

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