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Straight razors have become cherished items among wet shaving enthusiasts due to their ability to produce a close and accurate shave. However, these straight razors can be disheartening to use because of their sharp edges. Double Edge Safety Razors are the ideal medium because they aren't as alarming as Straight Razors, but provide a closer shave than Cartridge Razors.

Supreme quality is guaranteed as we feature stainless steel brands such as Merkur, Bolzano, Dovo, Bolin Webb, Bolzano, and Rapira. Renowned for their expert craftsmanship and long lasting quality, these razors are premium heirlooms that will last for generations. Made for an expert shave, these razors are prized possessions among barbers everywhere.

With over two decades of experience in distributing men's grooming products, Barber Supplies Co. is an extension of Perma Brands Corporation. With an extensive line of different products and Men's Gift Sets, we possess decades of knowledge to help your clients produce the experiences they crave. We even offer complimentary services to enact marketing strategies and sales tactics to help you make the best of your stock.