What would you rather be? A standard Stan or a Dapper Dan? This line of premium pomades and clays make the difference between a man going through the paces to a man charging into each new day with some pep in his step.

What's also great about this brand is that the company has put a great deal of work into marketing, meaning that the products sell themselves, so if you wanted to carry Dapper Dan on a retail basis as well as use it in service, it would make a great addition to your service counter. Be sure to ask a member of our sales team for a complimentary marketing training if you're new to retailing.

Today, the Dapper Dan brand has just as much a place in the average gent’s bathrooms as it does in barber shops.

Not only do we carry the company’s signature hair styling products (including Matt Clay, Matt Paste and Deluxe Pomade), we also carry each color of barber apron made by Dapper Dan.

Barbers who’ve stocked their shops with Dapper Dan products have also been known to add the additional items to their orders: Feather razor blades, British Barbers Association face moisturizer, Omega boar bristle shaving brushes, Floid pre-shave oil and Captain Fawcett’s beard balm.

Need sales tips? Dapper Dan products are a great way to give your customers the VIP treatment when they stop in for an appointment, but they also make for great merchandise you can sell for home use. Our sales team would be more than happy to share the best marketing and merchandising strategies for Dapper Dan products.

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