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Feather is a company with a long-standing legacy in the world safety razor market. They are recognized as one of the oldest manufacturers of double edge safety razors. While they endured a dip in sales with the introduction of the cartridge razor, the resurgence in the classic wet shaving market has been very good to feather

Today, Feather’s highly-regarded blades are sought after by barbers and wet shave enthusiasts the world over and we couldn’t be happier to make that search even easier for you.

Several years ago, Feather formed a strategic partnership with legendary razor blade maker Jatai and this relationship has resulted in even higher level of product excellence.

Barbers who order Feather razors frequently add the following items to their orders: Colonel Conk Amber Glycerin Shave Soap, Dapper Dan Matt Paste, Floid Aftershave Balm, Omega Boar Bristle Shaving Brushes and Jack Dean American Bay Rum Tonic.

Feather blades aren't just for you to use on your customers - many men use them at home and they make for great retail items to feature in your barbershop. Not quite sure how to get started? Go ahead and request a complimentary call with one of our sales team members who'll give you great marketing and merchandising insights.

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