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Progress Vulfix is the oldest shaving brush company in the world. With a heritage that dates back to the Isle of Man, their brushes are still handmade without trimmers and machinery to this day. Renowned for manufacturing brushes for over half a century, they are embedded with superior craftsmanship. Whether the bristles are made with pure badger silvertip, the brushes are also made with various handle sizes to suit different men's styles and facial hair. 

The Progress Vulfix Super Badger Shaving Brush is crafted with the softest badger bristles to provide the ultimate shave. Lifts hair off the face and produces a luxurious lather that is unforgettable, so that the blade glides on smooth. Barbers work best with a Vulfix brush so that dapper gentlemen can look their best. Impeccable for the jawline and face so that they can experience the smoothest shave.

Ideal accessories for shaving soaps and creams such as LEA Classics' Shaving Soap in a Wooden Bowl, Captain Fawcett's Expedition Reserve Post Shave Balm, and British Barbers' Association's Shaving Cream. Infused with the most luxurious ingredients, they will soothe skin with the ultimate moisture. 

About our company was established with a singular focus on helping barbershops and salons thrive by serving them with our four pillars:

  • All the barber supplies you need in one place
  • The lowest price promise
  • A premiere loyalty program
  • Talk your way (you choose your preferred means of communication)

Please note - only sells to professionals on a wholesale basis.