Derby Shaving Cream 100gm, Normal
Derby Shaving Cream 100gm, Normal
$5.99 CAD

Derby Shaving Cream 100gm, Normal


Description:- If you love traditional shaving, Derby shaving cream is definitely for you with its traditional essence. The Derby Moisturizing Supe...

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Unknown to many wet shave aficionados, Derby razor blades are actually the product of Turkey-based metal forgers, Azmusebat, who’ve been manufacturing the blades since 1950.

Over their decades on the market, the blades have gone on to cement themselves a very solid position in the market and are popular among professional barbers and hairstylists as they are with home shavers.

Made of the finest stainless steel, Derby blades are known for providing a smooth, irritation-free shave and its blades are compatible with most double edge razor units.

Some of the popular items barbers add to their orders when purchasing Derby razor blades include: Jack Dean Eau De Quinine, Elvado Classic Wild Mint Lime Aftershave Balm, Bluebeards Original Beard Wash, British Barbers Association Stimulating Conditioner and Captain Fawcett's Lavendar Mustache Wax.

Men don't just love the Derby blade experience in a barbershop setting - they're very popular for home use and make for a great addition to any retail products you already offer your customers. Need help with best practices? Our experienced sales staff will be happy to help you market these items to their fullest potential.

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