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Omega Hog Bristle Shaving Brush, Red
$14.00 CAD

Omega Hog Bristle Shaving Brush, Red


Description: For an electric shave, this red shaving brush will produce the perfect lather. Soft boar bristles accompany all ebbs and flows as it a...

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Wet shaving is an elegant ritual that requires patience and refinement. Canned shaving creams are simply no match for our assortment of shaving creams and soaps. More than essentials, they are necessities that produce a fine shaving experience. Made to align with these values, polished shaving brushes make all the difference. Shaving Brushes are meant to soften facial hair to provide a smooth shave so that inflamed skin and cuts can be reduced. 

Personal preferences are evident, so we feature a collection of shaving brushes made from diverse types of bristles whether it is Horse, Pure Bristles, Badger Hair, or Synthetic. Designed to achieve the desired shave, they are also included in our Men's Gift Sets to help your clients find the experience that they crave.

We also offer a wealth of expertise and can provide marketing strategies to help your sales team make the most of your products. Barber Supplies Co. is an extension of Perma Brands Canada, which has been established since 1988. A premier distributor of wholesale products, we will provide the proper expertise for the right results.