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It’s not everyday that you see a product go viral on Kickstarter - so viral that it surpasses its initial goal by a landslide, but that is the case with Rockwell Razors, which has gone on to become one of the top recent success stories on the crowdfunding platform.

What sets the Rockwell Safety Razor apart from the rest of the pack is the company’s shaving technology, which sees its adjustable blades conform to any face-shape, aiming to give every man the utmost comfort when grooming his face.

Rockwell Double-Edge Safety Razors are quickly becoming a favorite for BarberSupplies.com members and when they do stock up on this brand, these are the related product most commonly added to their orders: LEA Classic Shaving Cream, Bluebeards Original Beard Wash, Feather Razor Blades, Barbicide, Betty Dain Barber Capes, Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade and Jack Dean Aftershave Balm.

Your customers will no doubt be impressed with the amazing feel of a Rockwell Razor against their face during a visit...so much so that many barbers are finding this brand to be a great point-of-sale item for their customers who want to keep experiencing this awesome shave at home.

Interested in also carrying Rockwell Razors on a retail basis in your barbershop? Speak to one of our sales consultants to schedule a complimentary training on the best ways to market this increasingly popular brand to your clientele.

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