Dapper Dan Matt Clay - 100ml / 3.38 Oz Tin

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The Dapper Dan Matt Clay provides an extra strong hold with a matt finish. Infused with a delicate vanilla scent, it's the smell succulence and flavour. Crafted with organic clay ingredients, it's a soft and malleable product that holds hair without the shiny or greasy look that is often associated with pomades. Made to wash out easily, it is crafted to be smooth to the touch.

Dapper Dan was founded in 2011 in Sheffield, England. A brand that was born out of the frustration with less than adequate products available to gentlemen, they spent a ten year period producing products with gentlemen in mind. Renowned for their pomades, they crafted products with various needs in mind. 

Made in the United Kingdom. 75 ml/2.54 oz.