Dapper Dan Matt Paste - 100ml / 3.38 Oz Tin

$25.00 CAD

The Dapper Dan Matt Paste is a classic in the lineup. Infused with organic clay to mould hair according to the desired style, this provides a strong yet flexible hold that is great for all styles. Whether you require a messy style, a slight parting, or quiffs, they are made for supreme styling at all times. It is also water-based so that it can be washed out easily and styled accordingly. 

Dapper Dan is founded in Sheffield, England in 2011. Born out of frustration with less than adequate products available to gentlemen, they developed products over a ten year period with professionals so that quality is assured. Renowned for their pomades, they are made with a delectable scent and flexible ingredients. 

Made in the United Kingdom. 75ml/2.54oz.