Merkur 3-Piece Travel Double Edge Safety Razor with Blades In Black Leather Case

by Merkur
$120.00 CAD
SKU MK-46002

Do you also want to look dashing when traveling? Then you should take a look at the MERKUR 46C shaving set. The Model 46c 3-piece travel razor is a small, lightweight safety razor that easily disassembles for quick transportation or storage.The handle disassembles into two parts, and the iconic Merkur head is also removable, resulting in a very compact package when all pieces are slotted into their dedicated places in the black securable kit. 

    • Two-Piece Safety Razor
    • Straight Cut
    • Closed Comb

In addition to the slots for the handles and head, the case accepts a supply of your preferred DE blades. Simply stow it in the elegant space-saving leather case.

Material: Aluminium handle, galvanized surface, matt chrome-plated, die-casted zinc razor head, galvanized Surfaces, bright chrome-plated

Product Details:
Length of Razor Handle (mm) - 77
Weight of Razor  / Item (g) - 45

Leather Properties - Black cow leather

Honorably designed and Made in Germany.