Toolworx offers high quality beauty products for hair, skin, and nails at an affordable price. Renowned for their nail clippers, nail files, and scissors, they are crafted with the finest stainless steel for precise grooming. Since 2002, they have been creating supreme tools for professionals who require compact and functional items. Nickel plated items are created to prevent fogging of fingernails. 

The Toolworx Professional Shears are crafted with Japanese stainless steel, which is known for durability and strength. Achieving precision, they are coveted tools for producing a dapper haircut. Rigor is only a moment away with this high quality tool that provides the ultimate haircut. 

Essential to the barber trade, they will go well with clippers from Andis, Astra, Rooney, Yanaki, and more. Ideal for trims and fades. 

About our company was established with a singular focus on helping barbershops and salons thrive by serving them with our four pillars:

  • All the barber supplies you need in one place
  • The lowest price promise
  • A premiere loyalty program
  • Talk your way (you choose your preferred means of communication)

Please note - only sells to professionals on a wholesale basis.