Courses throughout 2017 - Mr. Barber School - Edmonton, Alberta

Courses throughout 2017 - Mr. Barber School - Edmonton, Alberta

Mr. Barber is an Edmonton, Alberta-based barbering school, offering monthly courses throughout 2017.     

Through vigorous training and practice, hopeful barbers can learn all of the necessary skills required for professionals. 
The classes provided by Mr. Barber are the Straight Razor Shave, Fade Fundamentals, Shaves & Fades, and Barber Boot Camp courses.  
Course descriptions and dates are listed below:
Straight Razor Shave
A full day course covering major razor strokes, blade position strokes, infection control, and safe shave practices. This course is perfect for novices! 
July 31
September 25
October 23
November 20

    Fade Fundamentals
    A one-day course that revolves around fading and taper cutting, using clippers and electric razors.

    August 1
    September 26
    October 24
    November 21       

    Shaves & Fades
    A two-day course that teaches all of the necessary skills for achieving perfect fades. This course includes the Straight Razor Shave course mentioned above. 
    July 31 to August 1
    September 25 to September 26
    October 23 to October 24
    November 20 to November 21

    The Barber Bootcamp
    The course is a combination of all of the mentioned courses.

    July 31 to August 3
    September 25 to September 28
    October 23 to October 26
    November 20 to November 23      

    The Barber Program
    An intensive 150-hour course covering all of the necessary skills for required for professional barbers. This course includes courses on shear cuts, clipper cuts, fades, beard trims, hot shaves, and lessons on theory. 
    July 10 to July 28
    August 14 to September 1
    September 5 to September 22
    October 2 to October 20
    October 30 to November 17
    November 27 to December 15


    You can visit Mr. Barber's website here
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