If there ever was a perfect story of a barber creating premium products for other barbers to use on their clients, it’s Crown Shaving. The company’s founder, Dino, served his father’s barbershop for over 20 years before launching the Crown brand.

As a seasoned barber, Dino was able to identify the very products customers enjoyed most and which ones were most convenient to barbers. Today, Crown Shaving has a highly-acclaimed product line that includes shaving brushes, double edge razors, lotions, colognes and more (they even have their own apparel line).

Barbers who stock up on Crown Shaving products frequently put the following related items into their shopping carts: Fromm 1907 Blowdryers, Rapira Razor Blades, Betty Dain Barber Capes, Captain Fawcett’s Beard Oil, Sanek Neck Strips, Omega Shaving Brushes and Dovo Shavette Blades.

Not only do Crown Shaving products make a great impression on your guests through each step of the grooming process, they also make for great point-of-sale items and have proven very popular among barbers with retail counters.

Our sales professionals are happy to help you and members of your staff with any questions you may have on how to curate Crown Shaving products to get the most out of the average customer visit.

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