Wahl 5 Star Recharge Stand for Shaver/Shapers

by Wahl
$14.95 CAD
SKU WAHL-532372

Fits 5 Star Shaver/Shaper®

Designed specifically to house Wahl's 5-Star Shaver/Shaper, this sleek-looking mechanism operates as an essential companion to the popular detailing tool. This stand is truly one of a kind, as it also functions as a charging stand, and elegantly shows off this superior product. 

Base Not Included With Item (SKU WAHL-556026) & Offered Separately. 

Key Features:

  • Compatible With The 5-Star Shaver & Trimmer.
  • Designed For Recharging The 5 Star Shaver/Trimmer In A Base.
  • Base Not Included With Item (SKU WAHL-556026) & Offered Separately.