ANDIS Size 5/8 in.HT Finish Cut - Leaves Hair 5/8 in. - 16 mm

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Introducing the ANDIS Size 5/8"HT Finish Cut Blade

Achieve precise and efficient grooming results with the ANDIS Size 5/8"HT Finish Cut Blade. This professional-grade blade is designed for use with detachable blade clippers, providing exceptional cutting performance and versatility. 

Key Features:

  • Professional Grade: Designed for professional grooming applications, this blade delivers precise and consistent cutting results, making it suitable for both experienced groomers and pet owners.

  • Optimal Cutting Length: Leaves hair at a length of 5/8" (16mm), providing a uniform grooming finish for a range of grooming styles and preferences.

  • Carbonized Steel Construction: Constructed from carbonized steel, the blade offers enhanced durability and edge retention, ensuring long-lasting performance even with frequent use.

  • Chrome Finish: The chrome finish not only enhances the blade's durability but also resists rust, protecting it from corrosion and maintaining its sharpness over time.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for close cutting of the face, feet, and tail, this blade offers versatility in grooming tasks. It can also be used with ANDIS universal attachment combs (item #12290 and 12860) for added convenience.

  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all ANDIS detachable blade clippers in the AGC, BDC, BGC, BGR, DBLC, MBG, and SMC series, ensuring versatility and convenience for professional groomers. It can also be used with other brands of detachable type clippers.

Enhance your grooming experience with the ANDIS Size 5/8"HT Finish Cut Blade, a reliable and durable blade designed to meet the demands of professional grooming environments.

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