Babyliss Pro Face Shield

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Introducing Babyliss Pro Face Shield:

Ensure optimal protection and comfort during grooming procedures with the Babyliss Pro Face Shield. Designed to provide direct splash protection against liquids, this face shield offers peace of mind for both professionals and clients in salon and grooming settings.

Key Features:

  • Direct Splash Protection: Designed to offer direct splash protection against liquids, the Babyliss Pro Face Shield ensures safety during grooming procedures, minimizing the risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances.

  • High Definition PET Material: Constructed from high-definition PET material, this face shield offers clarity and visibility, allowing for precise and accurate grooming procedures without compromising on safety.

  • Soft Foam Cushion & Elastic Headband: Equipped with a soft foam cushion and elastic headband, this face shield ensures comfort and stability during extended wear, providing a secure fit while minimizing discomfort.

  • Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog: The face shield features anti-scratch and anti-fog properties, ensuring durability and maintaining visibility even in humid environments, allowing for uninterrupted grooming procedures.

  • Universal Fit: Designed to accommodate most head sizes, the Babyliss Pro Face Shield offers a universal fit, making it suitable for use by professionals and clients alike.

  • Dimensions: Each face shield measures 32 cm in width and 22 cm in height, providing ample coverage for enhanced protection during grooming procedures.

  • Outer Protective Film & Polybag Packaging: Each shield comes with an outer protective film to prevent scratches and damage during transportation and storage. Additionally, each shield is packed in a polybag for convenient and hygienic storage, with no header card included.

Enhance safety and comfort during grooming procedures with the Babyliss Pro Face Shield, where quality craftsmanship meets optimal protection for a superior grooming experience.

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