Babyliss SnapFX metal trimmer with snap in/snap out dual lithium battery system. Includes DLC T-blade.

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Introducing the Babyliss SnapFX Metal Trimmer with Snap In/Snap Out Dual Lithium Battery System

Elevate your grooming game with the Babyliss SnapFX Metal Trimmer featuring the innovative Snap In/Snap Out Dual Lithium Battery System. Designed for professional use, this trimmer boasts a host of advanced features to deliver exceptional performance and convenience. With its all-metal housing, knurled barbell grip, and black DLC deep-tooth T-blade, this trimmer offers durability, precision, and versatility for all your cutting needs.

Key Features:

  • High-Torque Brushless Motor(7200RPM): Experience consistent fast blade speed and long-lasting power with the high-torque brushless motor, capable of handling even longer, thicker hair with ease.
  • NEW LED Ring Light Battery Indicator: Stay informed about battery life with the new LED ring light indicator, ensuring you always have sufficient power for uninterrupted use.

  • Snap In/Snap Out Dual Lithium Battery System: Enjoy the convenience of interchangeable high-capacity lithium batteries that can be easily snapped in and out for continuous cordless use. With two batteries included, you can charge one while using the other, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

  • All-Metal Housing with Knurled Barbell Grip: The robust all-metal housing provides durability and superior handling, while the knurled barbell grip offers a secure and comfortable hold during extended use.

  • Dual Battery Charging Stand: The trimmer comes with a dual battery charging stand, allowing you to charge both batteries simultaneously for quick and convenient recharging.

  • Black DLC Deep-Tooth 350 Degree Exposes T-Blade: The precision-engineered black DLC 360° exposed T-blade ensures easy and smooth cutting, while the zero gap adjustable design provides versatility for various cutting techniques.

  • Snap On/Snap Off Magnetic Hair Pocket Cover: The self-aligning magnetic hair pocket cover snaps on and off effortlessly, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.


  • SnapFX Metal Trimmer
  • DLC T-Blade
  • Dual Lithium Batteries
  • Dual Battery Charging Stand
  • Oil
  • Cleaning Brush

Enhance your grooming experience with the Babyliss SnapFX Metal Trimmer, featuring a dual lithium battery system, high-torque brushless motor, and precision-engineered T-blade for professional-quality results every time.

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