BabylissPro Barber magnetic metal strip mat

$139.99 CAD

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Introducing the BabylissPro Barber Magnetic Metal Strip Mat, a must-have accessory for every barber station. This innovative mat combines functionality with style, offering a range of features to enhance your barbering experience.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Strip: Equipped with a magnetic strip capable of holding up to 5 clippers and trimmers, allowing you to maximize space on the mat for other barber accessories.
  • Larger Tool Area: The mat provides a larger space to place your accessories, ensuring easy access and organization during haircuts.
  • Heavy Duty and Durable: Constructed with high-quality materials, this mat is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in a busy barbershop environment.
  • Easy to Clean: The smooth surface of the mat makes it easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness at all times.
  • Non-slip Surface: Designed with a non-slip surface, the mat keeps your barber tools securely in place, preventing accidental slips or falls.
  • Heat Resistant: With heat resistance up to 150°F, this mat offers protection against hot tools and ensures safety during use.
  • Generous Dimensions: The mat measures a large 18³ x 12³, providing ample space for your tools and accessories, optimizing your workspace efficiency.

Upgrade your barber station with the BabylissPro Barber Magnetic Metal Strip Mat and enjoy enhanced organization, functionality, and style while delivering top-notch barbering services to your clients.

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