BabylissPro Skeleton metal trimmer with DLC Titanium coated T-Blade. Silver.

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Introducing the BabylissPro Skeleton Metal Trimmer: Precision in Motion

Experience unparalleled grooming precision with the BabylissPro Skeleton Metal Trimmer. Engineered with advanced features and premium materials, this trimmer offers professional-grade performance for exceptional grooming results.

Key Features:

  • High-Speed Performance: With a maximum speed of up to 7200 rpm, the trimmer delivers swift and efficient grooming, saving time while achieving professional-quality results.

  • Long-Lasting Power: Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the trimmer offers an impressive 2-hour runtime, ensuring continuous use without interruption.

  • Versatile Operation: Enjoy the freedom of corded or cordless operation, allowing for flexible grooming anywhere, anytime.

  • Robust Construction: Crafted with an all-metal housing and knurled barbell grip, the trimmer is built to withstand the demands of daily use in professional settings.

  • Precision Cutting: The DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Titanium coated T-Blade delivers precise and clean cuts, providing immaculate grooming results with every pass.

  • Dual Voltage Capability: Designed for global use, the trimmer supports dual voltage operation, ensuring consistent performance worldwide.

  • Convenient Hanging Hook: The integrated hanging hook provides convenient storage options, keeping the trimmer easily accessible whenever needed.

Kit Includes:

  • BabylissPro Skeleton Metal Trimmer
  • Zero Gap Tool
  • Charging Cord
  • User Manual

Elevate your grooming routine with the BabylissPro Skeleton Metal Trimmer, designed to meet the needs of discerning professionals and enthusiasts alike.