Dapper Dan Professional Barber's Apron - Brown

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The Dapper Dan Professional Barber's Apron is industrial in appearance and function. A hard-wearing apron made with a waxy canvas fabric, typical barbershop splatters from shaving and dyes are no match for this item.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty waxed canvas material to keep you dry throughout your shift without compromising comfort.
  • All metal parts of the apron are made of stainless steel to keep ensure the product's durability.
  • Genuine leather straps and metal buckles, that are guaranteed to remain wear-resistant for an extended period of time.
  • Designed with two large pockets, all your essential tools can be stored within arm's reach.
  • Color Brown.

Washing and Cleaning Instructions:

We recommend they are washed only with hands, with a damp cloth for stains and a stiff brush for excess hair. The aprons are not suitable for:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Machine Washing
  • Tumble Drying

Made in the United Kingdom.

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