Dapper Dan Professional Barber's Apron - Grey

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The Dapper Dan Professional Barber's Apron embodies industrial sophistication. Crafted with a waxy canvas material, daily splatters from barbershops and shaving are no match for this item. Designed with genuine leather and metal buckles, the apron is made to last a lifetime. Includes two large pockets so that your tools are within reach in an instant. Functional and practical, the apron is simply made for professionals everywhere. 

Dapper Dan was born out of Sheffield, England in 2011. Born out of the frustration that there weren't any adequate products on the market for gentlemen, they sought to create ones that were made for gentlemen's needs. Over a ten year period, they tested different products with professionals to ensure that they were met with high quality. Elegant and supreme throughout. 

Made in the United Kingdom.