Dovo 10900-0526 Cuticle Nippers Contour-Style Satin SS 1/4″ Cutting Edges

by Dovo
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SKU DV-109000526

These Dovo 10900-0526 Cuticle Nippers Contour-Style Satin SS have 1/4″ Cutting Edges The shanks are made of satin-finish stainless steel. These models are slightly contoured or beveled for a more comfortable grip. They are also made with double springs. They are Imported directly from Solingen, Germany.

These cuticle nippers have a box joint to help give stability to the cutting edges. The cutting edges are directly opposite each other. One blade is milled out in the shape of a box and the other blade is inserted into and through the box, preventing sideways movement and holding the edges in alignment. A box joint is much more difficult to make and therefore more expensive than a lap joint, in which one blade is laid on top of the other blade, similar to scissors. It is much better for these small and delicate cuticle nippers to have a box joint, because a lap joint can loosen up much more quickly and the cutting edges will lose their alignment.

As in all quality nippers, the cutting edges of this nipper first meet at the very tip, leaving a wedge-like gap between the edges. When stronger pressure is applied, the edges close and cut in a rocking fashion like a knife on a cutting board.

These cuticle nippers are forged by Dovo in Solingen, Germany. Forging makes the metal harder so the nippers will stay sharp longer.

These cuticle nippers are stainless steel with a satin finish. They will not rust in moist conditions and can be sterilized. However, they might be more properly termed “stain resistant,” since they could possibly stain under extremely adverse conditions. The stains are not rust, and will not affect their quality performance.

The cutting edges measure approximately 1/4″. This measurement is approximate because these cuticle nipper cutting edges are hand-honed by Solingen master grinders. Cutting edges on a cuticle nipper are referred to as the “jaw.” The choice of jaw length primarily depends on personal preference. We have found the 3/16″ jaw is the most popular size for cutting cuticles. However, some customers want the 1/8″ jaw to cut a tiny bit at a time, and some prefer the larger sizes, which are 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″. Technically, 3/16″ is called a “quarter jaw”, 1/4″ is called a “half jaw,” and 1/2″ is called a “full jaw.”

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