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Elvado Classic Shave Kit with Fragrance Free Soap and Shave Brush

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The Elvado Classic Shave Kit is a compact set made for refined gentlemen who crave the finest treatment for their shaves. Economical and nourishing, the shave kit comes with a fragrance free shaving soap that nourishes dry and sensitive skin. A shaving cream that provides a protective layer to lessen the impact against sharp razor blades, redness and irritation will be reduced. Includes a shave brush made from the softest horse bristles, the most luxurious lather will be generated. 

Elvado provides a natural alternative to the bland to the toxin-laden products that pervade the market these days. Crafted with classic elegance and natural ingredients, their shaving soaps are made to cultivate skin to the fullest extent. Formulated with essential oils, they are made to sustain skin to the fullest extent. Made in Canada with the backwoods in mind.