Gamma+ Protege Trimmer Clipper Combo Gunmetal

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By Gamma+

Introducing the Gamma+ Protege Trimmer Clipper Combo Gunmetal: Elevate Your Grooming Experience

Experience the perfect synergy of style and functionality with the Gamma+ Protege Trimmer Clipper Combo in Gunmetal. This dynamic duo is crafted to deliver precision and versatility for your grooming needs.

Elevate your grooming experience with the Gamma+ Protege Trimmer Clipper Combo in Gunmetal – a powerful duo designed for precision, performance, and style.

Key Features

Key Features:


The clipper boasts a ridged stainless-steel taper blade with a deep tooth cutter, easily zero-gapped for the closest cut and finish.

 The lithium-ion battery delivers an impressive 240 minutes of run-time with a rapid 1-hour charge, providing long-lasting performance.

Achieve more consistent fades and blending with the 5-click taper control positions, offering flexibility and control in your grooming sessions.

Enjoy the convenience of a universal micro USB charger for worldwide use, ensuring your clipper is always ready for action.

The Protege Clipper is designed with easily upgradeable and interchangeable components, allowing you to customize your grooming tool according to your preferences.

The magnetic guards (1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2") enhance the clipper's versatility, offering varied cutting lengths for your styling needs.


 Enjoy a remarkable 4 hours of continuous wireless run-time with the universal micro USB rechargeable feature, providing flexibility in your grooming routine.

 The supercharged rotary motor effortlessly cuts through any hair type with a single tap, providing efficiency and ease of use.

The trimmer features a fully adjustable blade that can be easily zero-gapped, ensuring the closest cut and impeccable finish.

Opt for a skeleton style design with the removable drop-top option, exposing the blade for cooler operation, a better sight line, and enhanced precision.

The lithium-ion battery delivers a generous 240 minutes of run-time with a rapid 2-hour charge, ensuring the trimmer is always ready for use.

The package includes a charging cord, 3 attachment guards, and a cleaning maintenance kit, offering a complete grooming solution.

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