K-NU19 Kent Comb, Coarse/Fine Tooth With Leather Case & Metal File (110mm/4.3in)

by Kent
$35.00 CAD

Use: Hair

Size: Pocket (110mm/4.3in)

Hair Type: Fine

Kent Brushes has been the leading manufacturer of bristle brushes since 1777. With only supreme quality in mind, Kent sources the finest materials from around the world. This Kent Comb is designed with coarse and fine teeth to style sleek hair so that you can remove tough knots and static. Medium in size, the comb comes in a deluxe leather case that includes a metal file to buff those nails on the go. 

Crafted with cellulose acetate, the comb prevents static in hair and stimulates follicles so that natural oils can be distributed evenly throughout the scalp. Saw-cut to perfection, this Kent Comb embodies refined elegance.