Kent 12T Hand-finished Pocket Comb (139mm/5.5in)

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SKU: K-12T
By Kent


Kent Brushes has been the premiere brush and comb manufacturer since 1777. Crafted with British pedigree in mind, the Kent K-12T Pocket Comb is compact for luggage and pockets alike. Designed with cellulose acetate, the comb will remove static from hair and saw-cut to perfection to remain in good condition at all times. Made with a thick long edge, these coarse teeth are ideal for thick hair. Simply a classic pocket comb for gentlemen with an appreciation for old-world glamour. 

Key Features:

  • Rounded and smooth teeth.
  • Use in wet or dry hair.
  • Gentle on strands.
  • Keeps hair neat and untangled.
  • Equally spaced teeth to manage hair.
  • Plant-based cellulose acetate.
  • Overall length 139mm/5.5in.

Made in England.