Kent K-CG1 Clothes Brush w/ Cherrywood Handle & Pure Black Bristle

by Kent
$52.00 CAD

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Remove lint and debris from clothes before you do laundry. The Kent Clothes Brush is crafted with an elegant and durable cherrywood handle for a stylish finish. Designed with black bristles, Kent sources only the finest materials from around the world for expert craftsmanship. In just a few strokes, clothes will look brand new.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for helping to keep fabrics free from fibers, fluff, and pet hair.
  • Clothes brush is made from Cherrywood.
  • Ideal to use on jeans or corduroy garments.
  • Overall length 263mm.
  • Length of handle 105mm.
  • Width 39mm.

Made in England.