Kent Military Brush, Oval, Beechwood, Natural Shine Black Bristle Hairbrush

by Kent
$43.00 CAD

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Bristle Type: Black

Handle: Military 

Hair Type: Medium 

Kent Brushes has been the leading manufacturer of bristle brushes and faux-tortoiseshell combs since 1777. Receiving only the finest bristles and timbers from around the world, quality is assured each step of the way. Handcrafted to supremacy, Kent embeds delicate details into each creation for a luxurious finish.

The Kent Military Brush is designed to be oval to cover a large surface area of the hair to promote circulation. Made with the finest black bristles from India and China, the brush produces healthy and glossy hair. Crafted with beechwood, it is a rustic addition to your grooming drawer. An embodied elegant and dapper experience.