Merkur Detailing Razor, Chrome (Uses MK-908A Blades)

by Merkur
$45.00 CAD

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SKU MK-907
The Merkur 907C was created as an eyebrow shaver in the 1950s. The narrow razor with an extremely short side is well suited for shaping contours.

The short-cutting edges can be guided precisely with the narrow handle. In this way, contours can be finely traced. Designed for the eyebrows, this is also a possible application. This razor is less suitable for large areas.

Key Features:
  • Contour razor
  • Bright Chrome finish

Product Details:
Material surface: Bright Chrome finish
Weight of Safety Razor / Item (g) - 26

Brass handle, die-casted zinc razor head, galvanized surfaces, bright chrome-plated.

Honorably Designed and Made in Germany.

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