Merkur Detailing Razor, Chrome (Uses MK-908A Blades)

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SKU: MK-907
By Merkur
The Merkur 907C was created as an eyebrow shaver in the 1950s. The narrow razor with an extremely short side is well suited for shaping contours.

The short-cutting edges can be guided precisely with the narrow handle. In this way, contours can be finely traced. Designed for the eyebrows, this is also a possible application. This razor is less suitable for large areas.

Key Features:
  • Contour razor
  • Bright Chrome finish

Product Details:
Material surface: Bright Chrome finish
Weight of Safety Razor / Item (g) - 26

Brass handle, die-casted zinc razor head, galvanized surfaces, bright chrome-plated.

Honorably Designed and Made in Germany.