Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor, Straight Cut, Extra Long Handle, Black

by Merkur
$96.00 CAD

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SKU MK-38011

The MERKUR 38B black handle razor was developed in the early 2000s. The special feature of the black handle is its black anodized aluminum handle, which gives it a modern and elegant look. Thanks to its heavy weight, you can accurately control every movement. The standard MERKUR spacious blade gap enables excellent soap flow and easy cleaning.

With a more elegant look, this heavy weight will give you more range and control over every movement of shaving, making it a more comfortable and smooth shaving experience. Blade gap space enables easy cleaning and excellent soap flow.

Key Features:

  • Two-piece Safety Razor
  • Straight Cut
  • Long handle
  • Bright Chrome / black aluminum

Product Details:
Material finish: Bright Chrome / anodized aluminum
Weight of Razor / Item (g) - 101

Handle of brass and black anodized aluminum, die-casted zinc razor head, galvanized surfaces, bright chrome-plated.

Honorably Designed and Made in Germany.

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