Rockwell Razors Inkwell Stand - (Brushed Chrome)

$50.00 CAD

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SKU RR-965380

Rockwell Razors' are known for their world-class safety razors. This stand is custom-built stand is the ideal companion to make them stand proudly on any counter. 

The easily pairable necessity is essential for shavers seeking easy access to their blades and wants to keep them looking incredible with each use. 

  • A great solution for elegant storage of your Rockwell Model T 2C or 6C Double-Edge Safety Razor or another other safety razors.
  • Made from premium chromed brass for a polished finish.
  • Premium 210g weight, with a hole diameter of 0.525 inches (1.34 cm) and a depth of 1 inch (2.5 cm) to hold most double-edge safety razors.
  • Compared to other large-footprint razor stands, the Rockwell Stand helps save counter space.

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